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Skin Renewal Treatment


Cellnique’s signature AHA treatment which works to exfoliate accumulation of dead skin cells, unclog pores, improve circulation and aid in the natural process of skin cell regeneration. This safe yet advanced AHA treatment is highly effective and suitable for anyone needing a instant radiant and smooth skin complexion.


Re-texture the skin
Stimulate cell renewal for a healthier skin layer
Natural skin brightener and softener
Anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, anti microbial
Tone and improve skin smoothness

Treatment Features

A deep pore cleansing agent and a de-fatting solvent
Renewal Gel
Helps reduce wrinkles, impacts on the papillary dermis and recticular dermis
Prohibits further peeling action and helps protect against the reproduction of micro organism
Dissolves sebaceous material such as blackheads, pimples and all other types of clogged pores

Main Active Ingredients

Glycolic acid + Lactic acid + Citric acid + Salicylic acid
This unique combination acts as a gentle exfoliant which remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and clogged pores. It also helps re-texture the skin, stimulate cell renewal and works as a natural skin brightener and softener.
Excellent anti inflammatory, anti microbial properties for treating breakouts
Various moisturizing and anti irritation properties
Chamomile extract + Essential fatty acid + Vitamin E + Lavender extract + Grape seed + Allantoin
These excellent soothing and repairing properties help reduce redness, soothe and anti sensitizing, repair cell membrane and strengthen intercellular lipid layers and replenish and revitalize skin with various vitamins
Red algae extract
It has been found to aid in the exchange of nutrients and moisture between the top two layers of the skin. The result is improved skin hydration, tone and smoothness.
  Ascorbic acid
Effective in inhibiting melanogenesis (process where skin cells produce melanin / pigment) for a brighter skin. It also assists in promoting a firmer skin texture while providing sustained antioxidant protection for the skin.
Peppermint oil
A very effective ingredient in anti inflammatory and soothing effects. It imparts a cooling sensation and minty scent, providing the skin with clean and refreshing feel.

Customer Reviews

  1. Greatly pampered and pleasant experience Review by Cactus-Ly

    … The whole facial experience of Skin Renewal Treatment was very pleasant. It has many steps and in total given me 3 masks. Whole process waa pretty long as I had not been for facial for 1 year due to bad experience. However this round with Cellnique, the lady did a proper cleansing and facial mask, then extraction and 2 more facial masks. She also did a very good shoulders and face massage in the midst of the facial. I felt so greatly pampered by the full 2 hour of facial.

    I would say this is the best worth facial that I ever experienced. It's not crowded, thus the facial ladies need not rush the procedures. The whole environment is pleasant, not very sales oriented. In total from beginning til the end it consists of more than 10 steps, countless with all the products lavished on my face . The lady is very gently in treating my face...
    (Posted on 3/19/10)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any special tips before and after undergo Skin Renewal Treatment?

Before you undergo Skin Renewal Treatment, you may prepare your skin to AHA by start using BioCELL eL formulated products. It is advised to stop all your medication prescription. You should also inform your esthetician or beautician about your prescription. After the Skin Renewal Treatment, do not use any BioCELL eL or AHA products within the first 5 days, use Vital Repair range products to repair and regenerate new skin cells.

What is the different of Skin Renewal Treatment with Chemical Peeling?

Skin Renewal Treatment is a milder version of chemical peeling which deliver satisfied results without any side effects or skin irritations.

What is the immediate result I can see after Skin Renewal Treatment?

You will experience a radiant and fairer complexion after undergo Skin Renewal Treatment.

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Duration 1 hr 45 mins
Routine 1 / month

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