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Advanced Regiment In
Beauty Delivery

At Cellnique, we believe that all women deserve the best beauty solutions. It is our responsibility to provide all women with courteous, expedient, professional and the finest quality of products and services. We are devoted to the revolution of result oriented, yet trusted beauty salon solutions aimed at achieving flawless beauty. This is our spirit and passion, to the value of our business, and to the working lives of our employees. You Deserve More.

Cx Formulation and BioCELL eL

Exclusive Product Philosophy
Combining the latest pharmaceutical grade skin care ingredients with advanced medical formulation. The advanced ingredients that we used included AHA, BHA, CoQ10, Collagen and etc.

Cellnique Institute of Advanced Derma Aesthetics

Professional Beauty Salon Consultation
In-depth beauty skin knowledge centre to ensure aestheticians are properly trained and that they understand our product philosophy, function and usage before recommending it to customers.


First Cellnique Advertisement

First Brand Awareness Campaign
Designed with a crisp, clean, professional and paramedical image.


Cellnique Concept Stores

(which later become Cellnique Exclusive Centres)

Professional Beauty Salon
As the only place where customers can purchase Cellnique’s product and treatment, Cellnique Concept Stores carries exclusive image of Cellnique – crisp, clean, professional and paramedical.


Skin Action Sebum Gel

Elimate Blackheads and Whiteheads Without Painful Extraction in just 10 days!
The effectiveness and amazing results of this product struck a strong emotional chord with its target audiences, which help strengthen Cellnique brand image.


CRES Wellness

The 1st Cellnique’s Own Flagship Beauty Salon
The one stop Cellnique beauty solutions that capturing the very essence of women and helping them to discover beauty, health and well-being.

Launch of

The 1st beauty E-commerce Website
The website enabled customers to view all Cellnique information online, and to purchase products directly from the website.


Cellnique Pro-Series

(which later rebrand to Bliv by Cellnique)

Cellnique in Mass Market
Skin Action Sebum Gel was released under the brand of Cellnique Pro Series and listed major pharmacies and beauty houses.

Cellnique Paramedical

Cellnique Rebrand to Cellnique Paramedical – The Expert in Problematic Skin
Focusing not only providing the best problematic solutions to Asian skins, but also a business growth module to all its beauty salon partners.


Talents Development Centre

Upgrades of Cellnique Institute of Advanced Derma Aesthetics
An expert training centre on problematic skin – educating on in depth understanding of skin structure, root causes of various skin problems plus in depth salon management sharing and guidance.

Cellnique Paramedical Rebranding Activities

Cellnique Paramedical Mannequin Ads Series
As the expert of problematic skin, Cellnique Paramedical believed no one has a more flawless and smooth skin than a mannequin. Black was used to symbolically mourn the disappearance of all skin problems after the mystery touch of Cellnique Paramedical product lines.


Launch of bioCELL-NIQUE

Another Advance Medical Formulation – Cell Regenerating Micro Channel Therapy
This breakthrough technology employs the micro-channeling mechanism to deliver the latest pharmaceutical grade skin care ingredients to deeper layer of the skin.


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