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Derma Whitening Treatment

Duration: 2 Hours

Routine: 1/ Month

This is a high-performing treatment helps restore moisture loss while whitening skin. Its comprehensive formula helps against sun-induced damage, suppresses the transferring of melanin, diminishes dulling discoloration and reduces the appearance of brown spots. Empowered with excellent soothing properties, Derma Whitening Treatment rebuilds skin from within, revealing its luminosity and transforming your skin’s amazing radiance!

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Skin Concern:-



Large Pores

Suitable For:-

All Skin


Bearberry extract

Used to lighten skin tone, fade dark spots by inhibiting tyrosinase (the precursor to pigment) and act as an antioxidant against free radicals. It also naturally degrades existing pigment with exceptional efficacy.

Kojic acid

A natural ingredient derived from fungus (mushrooms), it works as a whitening agent, helps promote a clear, fresh looking complexion.

Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (MAP)

A type of water soluble vitamin C derivative, widely used in cosmetics of its advantageous properties such as inhibitory effects on melanogenesis, promotion of collagen synthesis and prevention of lipid peroxidation.

Caviar extract

Rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, Caviar extract has a very similar cell structure to the cell format of human skin. It penetrates into the skin quickly, helps speed up the natural production of collagen, and in time it helps plump up and thicken the skin and thus promoting a younger, firmer skin appearance.

Honey Extract

Honey contains natural antioxidants, which guard against free radical damage. It encourages healthy cell turnover in the skin, helps enhance the elasticity, resilience, softness and suppleness of skin.

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