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Stem Cell Treatment

Duration: 2 Hours

Routine: 1/ Month

Stem cells are molecules very similar to human skin cells and can be easily absorbed and applied onto the skin surface. These cells help stimulate cell renewal, excellent nourishing properties, increase cells metabolism and prevent the skin from aging prematurely. Excellent in treating skin problems such as aging, dryness and sensitive, and can increase skin smoothness and firmness.

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Most Effective On:

  • Excellent soothing, anti inflammatory, antioxidants component
  • Enhance skin ability in retaining moisture
  • Erase fine lines and reduce wrinkles
  • Skin moisturiser + skin tightening agent

Skin Concern:-




Large Pores

Suitable For:-

Dry Skin

Normal Skin

Combination Skin

Treatment Feature

AEGF Concentrate

  • Delivers excellent anti free radical and anti aging effects
  • Helps in collagen and elastin stimulating to repair skin cells
  • Increases moisture level, smoothness and elasticity of the skin Skin Biological Masque
  • Restores, nourishes and moisturizes the skin
  • Excellent antioxidant and anti aging properties
  • Provides whitening action to the skin


Wild yam extract

The phytosterols in this root plant has soothing, anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Wild yam extract is an excellent component for mature skin or dry skin conditions.

Hydrolyzed soy protein

Has been shown to promote firmer skin by stimulating production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, a powerful water binding agent that increases the ability of the skin to retain moisture.

Silk protein

The most advanced nutrient for the skin. It can be directly absorbed by human skin, and aids in moisture retention (silk is credited with the ability to retain 10 000 times its own weight in water). Silk protein further helps improve skin elasticity and resilience, effectively control the production of melanin.

Patented wine polyphenols

The greatest threat to skin health and beauty is the prevention of oxidization of skin cells by solar and environmental elements. Wine extract contains polyphenols, a class of over 8,000 different phytochemicals, to revitalize skin.


It has been used to effectively add essential moistures deep into skin, this moisture absorption has the effect of filling out the skin, naturally stretching the skin, erasing fine lines and reducing severity of wrinkles.

S.C.EGF (stem cells)

Help stimulate the production of collagen and elastin from fibroblast and to repair the skin.

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